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Boaneck Parker

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* Remaining stock → Peach / S size only

[model wearing size]
Chihuahua (1.7 kg): S size * Photo 5 Left Chihuahua (2.0 kg): S size * Photo 5 Right Mexican hairless (mini pin body type 2.7 kg): M size * Photo 6
Toy poodle (3.4 kg): L size * Photo 7
Chihuahua (5.2 kg): L size * Photo 8
Mini pin (6.3kg): L size *Photo 9
Mini pin (5.2kg): L size *Photo 10
Yo Chihuahua (2.6 kg): M size * Photo 11 Left Chihuahua (1.3 kg): S size * Photo 11 Middle Chihuahua (2.8 kg): M size * Photo 11 Right Itagre (5.7 kg): XL size * Photo 12

[boa neck parka]

・2-way specification that can be used as a snood with a large kentii logo and a reversible dense warm boa ・You can enjoy a layered style with kentii long sleeves.

・Due to the difference in materials, it is not as stretchy as the conventional kentii long sleeves.
Basically, the hoodie fits the size standard of long sleeves, but if you are wearing the current long sleeves, you may not be able to wear a hoodie of the same size, so please consider going up one size. .

・The boa neck hoodie is not eligible for returns or exchanges, so please check the size chart or chat before making a purchase.