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Kangaroo Hoodie

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"Always with my dog"

"Kangaroo Hoodie" with a center pocket for your dog
・Heavyweight fabric and reinforced stitching ensure durability.
・It is possible to adjust the size of the pocket entrance with a zip that opens to the left and right.

[size details]
*Model wears 166cm/M size

medium size
・Body flat length: 69cm
Sleeve length: 86cm
Width: 58cm

・Outside pocket length: 29cm
Width: 36cm

L size
・Body flat length: 72cm
Sleeve length: 88cm
Width: 61cm

・Outside pocket length: 29cm
Width: 36cm

[Precautions when putting your dog in your pocket]
・In order to prevent it from popping out, please connect the lead hook inside the pocket with your dog.
・Please be sure to hold the bottom of the pocket where your dog is in with the owner's hand.
・If you move the zip while your dog is inside, the hair may get caught, so please adjust the zip before putting it in.
・As a feeling of size that a pet dog puts in, it becomes to approximately 3 kg.
・This product is not a carry-on bag. It will be a wear that assists the cuddle to the last.
・Although every effort has been made in the production process, we will not be held responsible for any accidents or troubles.
Please pay attention to your dog when using it.

Kangaroo Hoodie is not eligible for returns or exchanges.
Please check the size chart or chat before purchasing.

*We will deal with the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products with similar product names and specifications pending product patents and trademark registrations as soon as we discover them.